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  • Film Review: Memoria

    Film Review: Memoria

    By Matthew Moorcroft Highest Recommendation A thud in the night is what startles Jessica, our lead, awake. It’s a loud, sudden burst of noise after a long stretch of silence, and the banging never returns. As Jessica lies awake, waiting for it to happen again and possibly find some kind of source for the bizarre […]

  • Film Review: Broker

    Film Review: Broker

    By Matthew Moorcroft Strong Recommendation In terms of cinematic blindspots, Hirokazu Kore-eda has remained one of the biggest in terms of my own personal experience. Outside of general praise from fellow cinephiles and a constant reminder of the strength of his films – particularly when Shoplifters hit several years ago and was widely seen as […]

  • Film Review: Decision to Leave

    Film Review: Decision to Leave

    By Matthew Moorcroft Highest Recommendation Park Chan-wook is one fascinating guy huh? One of South Korea’s most enigmatic talents, it’s not surprising that as Korean cinema has flourish over the past several years, Chan-wook himself has remained something of a cinephile only name. While his contemporaries like Bong Joon-ho and Hwang Dong-hyuk have achieved mainstream […]

  • Film Review: One Piece Film: Red

    Film Review: One Piece Film: Red

    By Matthew Moorcroft Strong Recommendation It’s been a long road to get here for One Piece fans. Out of the so-called “Big Three”, One Piece has always been the one that, while having a large cult following in North America, has never been able to reach the same heights in terms of popularity as Naruto […]

  • Film Review: Good Night Oppy

    Film Review: Good Night Oppy

    By Matthew Moorcroft Solid Recommendation When it comes to projects aimed solely to be mostly STEM propaganda aimed at younger audiences, you could honestly not pick a better subject to do it then the Mars rovers. Outside of being one of the more easier to understand concepts about space exploration – as they say in […]

  • Film Review: Women Talking

    Film Review: Women Talking

    By Matthew Moorcroft Highest Recommendation About halfway through Women Talking is when you realize that they still haven’t left the hayloft. This makes sense, of course, as the women of the titular title have an near impossible decision ahead of them. In the wake of numerous sexual assaults from the men in their community, they […]

  • Film Review: Triangle of Sadness

    Film Review: Triangle of Sadness

    By Matthew Moorcroft Strong Recommendation I’ll give Ruben Östlund this, he certainly knows how to be the center of attention in the room at all times. After years and years of being a Cannes darling – including with this film – Triangle of Sadness is the first time Östlund really seems have hit something of […]

  • Film Review: Aftersun

    Film Review: Aftersun

    By Matthew Moorcroft Highest Recommendation In the back third of Aftersun, Calum and Sophie, our father-daughter duo of leads, take a picture while at a restaurant during their vacation. It’s clearly the late 90s-early 2000s – though the time period is a little ambiguous outside of that – as the man who takes their photograph […]

  • Film Review: Moonage Daydream

    Film Review: Moonage Daydream

    By Matthew Moorcroft Highest Recommendation The loss of David Bowie in 2016 felt like a monumental, almost towering fall. Regardless of how influential and popular he was, Bowie was, ultimately, the artist to end all artists – a fully immersive, always challenging, and yet widely accessible voice that never did the same routine twice in […]

  • Film Review: Holy Spider

    Film Review: Holy Spider

    By Matthew Moorcroft Strong Recommendation It’s hard for me to even properly convey words to describe Holy Spider, as the grim subject matter and heavy material on display here means that a normal review process almost seems insulting to this kind of film. We get a lot of true crime material over the years, especially […]