Welcome to My Opinions

By Matthew Moorcroft

The year is 2010, around December or so, and I had recently turned 13. I was getting ready to graduate from Grade 8 and it was a time of my life that’s not exactly the best. Everyone else had something of an idea of what they wanted to do with their life and while I was flirting with numerous ideas nothing ever quite stuck. Science was a passion of mine for a bit but I wasn’t good at it. Math was a no go cause I could barely understand it let alone do it. Everything else seemed so plain and boring to me as well, which in retrospect might have been a bit judging on my part.

What I was good at though was art. I was an artist through and through, and I loved drawing and writing, and crafting little stories. For a while I wanted to draw art, which later evolved into a love of animation and the craft which mostly remains to this day. But around this time, I was also learning to appreciate other pieces of media, particularly film, in a more mature way then I thought possible.

It was around this time that from the last days of Blockbuster (remember them?) that I rented a little film called Inception, which I had missed in theaters at the time but I wanted to see. After all, 13 year old me LOVED The Dark Knight and superhero films, and this was from the same guy so it had to be good, right?

Cue my mind being blown.

It’s now 12 years later, and now, as somebody who works in the film and entertainment industry after having their little mind blown by a film about a group of dream thieves, and this is my chance to just get my thoughts out there on things. Films, shows, comics, random bits of industry thoughts, maybe even some anime here and there. Just whatever I wanna talk about just so it’s out there and I can get it off my chest.

Working on films has given me something of a new appreciation for the medium on all fronts. Not just in live action either; I find myself more enthralled by animation more then ever, as some of our best stories are currently being told by the medium. Anime has always been a passion since teenagehood like a lot of people in my generation, and nowadays I find myself equally engrossed in it as I was back then, albeit now for different reasons. Books and comics I read with a more critical eye then ever – which has it’s downsides to be fair – and I find myself finding more things then ever to enjoy and experiment with.

If anything, think of this less as a review page and more of an analysis page, even if I’ll label stuff as such. This is me giving my thoughts and ideas on various things, whether they be good, bad, or just rambling.

Hopefully you all enjoy!

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